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Friends Collection

Friends Collection

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Friends Collection

Put a little bit of Central Perk in your pocket with the Friends Collection! This nostalgia-filled set of enamel pins features three unique designs to let you show off your love for the classic show. So grab your coffee and hang out with us, cause we'll be there for you!


  • Enamel Pin

Care Instructions

ilu's jewelry is hypoallergenic, water and tarnish resistant. However, it is recommended that you take the following steps to care for your jewerly:

  • Avoid perfume, sunscreen or lotion coming in direct contact with your jewelry.
  • If jewelry comes in contact with these solutions, it is recommended that you wipe it down with water.
  • Chemicals do affect gold filled and sterling silver jewelry over time. The longer and more often the exposure, the quicker the wear.
  • Hot tubs, chlorine, and swimming pools have chemicals that will wear jewelry over long periods of exposure. It is recommended to wipe down jewelry with water after exposure to these chemicals.
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